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16 Inches of water

The water heater was spraying out of the back for several days while the homeowners were out of town. They came back to 16 inches of water in their basement, a... READ MORE

Modern Bathroom Remodel

This bathroom had a failed wax ring and flange that allowed sewage to seep into the subflooring that expanded under the bathtub. The homeowner chose a white pa... READ MORE

What do you do if your basement floods?

Basements might flood because of a water heater leak or because of a broken pipe. This home was flooded because of a leaking toilet upstairs. The water came dow... READ MORE

Flooded Basement Cleanup

This home in Pocatello, ID had a broken pipe flood the basement. The homeowners called us to start the Water Cleanup process. Water needs to be removed and drie... READ MORE

Commercial Cleaning of Any Size

When a virus breakout happens, we show up to take care of it as quickly as possible. But when it's the first responders that need us, we'll be there even faste... READ MORE

Storm damage takes a toll

SERVPRO was called to asses storm damages, that cause a flood in this home. Heavy rain caused out side water to poured in from the windows and seep in, from cra... READ MORE

No job too big or too small!

This business experienced mother nature's wrath. Flash floods and a landslide took out and damaged many homes in the area of Pocatello, ID. This business experi... READ MORE

Water damages and mold

This loss, came from a ditch overflow, flooded this home, through a side door. Sediment, muck and water entered the home. SERVPRO of Blackfoot/Pocatello, was di... READ MORE

Wet carpet is no match for our team

This home experienced flood damages, due to a toilet continually overflowing, causing extensive water damages throughout, this hallway and several rooms in the ... READ MORE

One Team

Our fleet is nothing with out its crew. We take pride in our fleet, unlimited resources and highly trained staff. No matter where you live, there is a SERVPRO w... READ MORE